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Power Hour Tower Party Game

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Power Hour Tower Party Game
Power Hour Tower Party Game
Power Hour Tower Party Game


Power Hour Tower Party Game from Old Row

BOOZE, EMBARRASSMENT, EPIC TALES: Power Hour Tower is your new best friend and drinking buddy. It’s the perfect icebreaker – bring it to your next pregame or party and bring the night to life. BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY: Portable enough to bring along and pull out for any occasion: birthday, college, or bachelorette parties, happy hour, tailgates, chill bar nights, girls night, boys night, day drinking, Saturday nights in with your impotent husband… it’s all deadly. FUN FOR EVERYONE: Reveal secrets, embarrass yourself in front of your friends, and make wild memories. Power Hour Tower provides hours of entertainment with universal appeal – both men and women can get behind it, your next adult party needs this! Play with beer, wine, shots, water, kombucha whatever you need to get the night started.


WHAT’S INSIDE: The set includes 48 wooden blocks each printed with unique games, challenges, and tasks, and one rule sheet with all the game explanations your little brain can handle. Intended for 2-8 players, or as many people as you can fit around the table. 

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